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Delivering our customers system integration services with focus on cloud migration.

We believe that even small and medium businesses can benefit from advanced cloud services in all fields – technology, business and economic.

IaaS Cloud migration

The largest cloud infrastructure in Israel provide services to thousands of companies in Israel and around the globe via 13 datacenters in: New York, Texas, California, Toronto, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt and Israel (Tel-Aviv, Rosh Haayin-2, Petch Tikvah and Jerusalem.

Our cloud infrastructure provide services to the private and business sectors and leading web sites in Israel and worldwide. We offer a variety of products and services including: web hosting, CRM, system hosting, ERP, remote file backup and more cloud solutions. For Israeli companies 24/7 customer support guaranteed, in Hebrew.

ABnet Cloud


Building data centers in central business hubs of the world.

Infrastructure American giant company Equinix offers companies and organizations in Israel the opportunity to establish data centers in main businesses and economical centers of the world.

Equinix allow every company in Israel fast and easy way to set is own high standards data center. Providing customers datacenter ready real-estate of over 2 million square meter located in 52 urban spaces in 24 countries in north and south America, Europe, Middle east and Africa and Asia pacific.

Equinix is an American company established in 1998 and located in California, USA. For its worldwide operations the company employ 7,900 people in 5 continents.

IT Infrastructure

Management and implementing IT infrastructure projects includes: characterization of the most appropriate need and solution according to the customer's technical and business requirements, procurement of the equipment from the leading suppliers in the field, the total implementation of project guidance in project management methodology.

Activity areas:

  • Backup and hosting
  • Servers
  • Virtualization
  • DRP solutions
  • Data security solutions
  • Private cloud
  • Microsoft licensing

Migrate to Azure cloud

Migrating to Azure private cloud with the help of top of the line, Microsoft certified, professionals with years of experience in planning and implementing complex technological solutions for organizations.

Services include:

  • Transferring services to cloud
  • Building secure cloud environment
  • Cloud backup
  • Cloud DR
  • Cloud file servers
  • Cloud application services


Focusing on information, according to the business requirements regarding the storage, access, security, protection and management of data, under the slogan “Partner Beyond Technology”, Hitachi Data Systems is a company focusing on the client needs, for the purpose of fulfilling them by means of their leading products in the field of storage, having an impressive portfolio of professional services and solutions, as well as a network of strategic partners throughout the world.

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