Abount ABCloud Services

ABCloud Services Ltd is an inovativ company that provide advanced cloud solutions for companies.

Our speciality is System Integration services provide our customers with a compleate envalpope of high quality and updated security solutions at the highest standarts.


Complete technological solutions for:

  • Hardware and licansing
  • Architecture solution services
  • Integration Projects
  • Project managment
  • Service and Support

Integration solutions for:

  • Public cloud
  • Hosting
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
  • Backup
  • Private Cloud
  • Information Security

About Bynet Group

Bynet Group, founded in 1975, currently comprises eight integration companies, each of which is a leader in its field. Bynet Group specializes in data communications, computerization and telecommunications, and engages in complex projects requiring a high degree of integration in Israel and around the world.

RAD–Bynet Group

ABnet as part of Rad group have the advantage of very strong financial support done by the group and as such provide financial  services to its resellers.
Provides comprehensive solutions for integrated communication infrastructure.

An integration company that specializes in providing overall end-to-end data communication and telecommunication solutions.

Provides communication solutions to businesses: Internet Transmission and cloud telephony.

Provides Innovative Test and Monitoring Solutions for Advanced Network Technologies and Applications.

Software company that specializes in the development and integration of enterprise systems.
Professional Services and helpdesk services.
As ISP for business, Internet BINAT provides smart and secure internet connectivity, VPN, Data Center, and managed value added services such as anti spam, anti virus, email and more.